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Details A 76 Day Period G-M Eclipsing Binary Discovered from Dome C, Antarctica... 2018
Details Pulsations and Planetary Transit Events of Beta Pictoris as Observed by AST... 2018
Details Exoplanets in the Antarctic Sky... 2018
Details Optical Observations of LIGO Source GW 170817 by the ASTs at Dome A, Antarc... 2018
Details Measuring Atmospheric Turbulence at Dome A, Antarctica with AST3... 2018
Details Meteorological Data from KLAWS-2G for Site Testing at Dome A, Antarctica... 2018
Details Southern Ocean Air-sea Fluxes: An Overview and Contrasts with the Arctic... 2018
Details PIPERS: Ocean Observations during an Anomalous Autumn-winter in the Ross Se... 2018
Details Ocean Forcing of Pine Island Glacier Melt Rate on Weekly to Monthly Time Sc... 2018
Details Using Noble Gases to Show Upper Ocean Glacial Meltwater in the Amundsen Sea... 2018
Details Convection in the Southern Ocean - What Controls it?... 2018
Details Preconditioning of the Weddell Sea Polynya by the Ocean Mesoscale and Overf... 2018
Details Some Like it Hot: Metagenomics of an Isolated Antarctic Geothermal Refugium... 2018
Details Dynamics of Microbial Community Succession in Polar Deglaciated Forefields... 2018
Details Cyanobacterial Diversity from Pole to Pole: Metagenome of Arctic and Antarc... 2018
Details Biogeography of Cyanobacteria in Antarctic Mats and Implication for Conserv... 2018
Details Did Antarctic Lichens Originate in, or Arrive to, Antarctica?... 2018
Details Microbial Biogeography in Arctic Soils... 2018
Details The Soundscape of Western Fram Strait - A Key Habitat for Endemic Arctic Ce... 2018
Details Sea Noise from Southern Australia to Eastern Antarctica... 2018

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