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Details Optical Fractional Snow Cover Retrievals under Development at Three Contine... 2018
Details Tue_174_BE-4_950... 2018
Details Sensitivity and Adaptability of Antarctic Krill to a Warming Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Arctic Precipitation: Observed Trends and Changes at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard... 2018
Details Riding on the Ferrous Wave Bacteria Are Outcompeted by Small Phytoplankton... 2018
Details Dissolved CO 2 Increase within Coccolithophore Blooms in Subpolar and Pola... 2018
Details A Comparative Study: Polar Regions... 2018
Details High-resolution Analyses of Black Carbon and Dust in a Greenland Ice Core... 2018
Details How Much Submarine Melt Water from Greenland is in the Labrador Sea?... 2018
Details A New Heat Flux Model Incorporating Variable Crustal Radiogenic Heat Produc... 2018
Details School of Ice : Professional Development Program for College Geoscience Fac... 2018
Details Faraway, So Close: Midtrophic Feeding at the Poles, an Ecomorphological Stu... 2018
Details Energetic Value of Zooplankton and Nekton of the Southern Ocean: A Review... 2018
Details Rapid Expansion of Glacial Lakes in the Central Himalayas... 2018
Details Role of Particle-attached Bacteria in Rendering Iron and Carbon Bioavailabl... 2018
Details Zooplankton Mediate Faecal Pellet Fluxes across Southern Ocean Environments... 2018
Details Establishing the Sea Ice Proxy IPSO 25 at the Western Antarctic Peninsula... 2018
Details A Comprehensive Study of the Drivers of Surface Snow Isotopes in Greenland... 2018
Details Frazil Ice Streaks on PIPERS: the Role of Sea Ice-Ocean Interactions... 2018
Details Combining Upper Crust and Lithosphere Contributions to Heat Flow Models... 2018

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