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Details POSTER SESSION I Crown Hall, Thursday Evening, 6:007:30 V ISUAL P ERCEPTI... 2002
Details (2) Dynamic Object-Based Inhibition Without a Physically Perceived Object.... 2002
Details (3) Blank Fields on Noise Trials Improve Word Detection But Not Identificat... 2002
Details (4) Prerecognition Visual Processing of Words, Pseudowords, and Nonwords.... 2002
Details (5) Effect of Object Displacement on the Planning of Inter- and Intraobject... 2002
Details (6) Does Need for Cognition Influence the Mller-Lyer Illusion?... 2002
Details (7) Eye-MovementBased Measures of Memory as a Function of Prior Exposure Ty... 2002
Details (8) Is the N170 ERP Component Face Specific?... 2002
Details (9) Cross-Modal Interaction Between Light and Sound: An Accuracy Speed Anal... 2002
Details (10) Landmarks Versus Path Integration When Learning a New Environ- ment.... 2002
Details (11) Velocity Dependence of Optic Flow Strategy for Steering.... 2002
Details (12) Eye Movement Search: Top-Down Influences on Focal and Periph- eral Vis... 2002
Details S PEECH P ERCEPTION (13) Unsupervised Learning of Unidimensional and Mu... 2002
Details (14) Highly Familiar Items Guide Initial Speech Segmentation.... 2002
Details (15) Diminutives Aid in Word Segmentation.... 2002
Details (16) Auditory Word Recognition in Dyslexic Children: Evidence From Eye Move... 2002
Details (17) Are Context Effects in Speech Perception Modulated by Visual Informati... 2002
Details (18) Memory for Multimodal Sentences.... 2002
Details (19) Neighborhood Effects in Auditory Word Recognition: Phonological Compet... 2002
Details S PATIAL C OGNITION (20) How Far Is Near? Examining the Distance Convey... 2002

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