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Details My child has autism. Now what? The needs of families with recently diagnos... 2017
Details Studying the empowering process of young people from Latin America in Cat... 2017
Details Roman maritime religious rituals during the Second Punic War... 2017
Details The translators or the double exile of Catalan Republicans writers. The ca... 2017
Details on Catalan archaeology... 2017
Details Beyond dirty realism. Noise, Nocilla, history and blind spots in the conte... 2017
Details The Vienna Circle, Religious Language and John Hicks Eschatological Verifi... 2017
Details Philippe de Commynes at the Secretary of the Count-Duke: the Spanish trans... 2017
Details The poor relief network in the Girona diocese in 1772... 2017
Details The legal foundation of the exclusionary rule in Spanish and Mexican legal... 2017
Details Excellence in services: expectations and impact of customer delight... 2017
Details Configuration of a high performance work system focusing on training prac... 2017
Details Orchestrating organizational transformation for business model innovation ... 2017
Details Choosing education and redistribution when parental education matters... 2017
Details The role of primary health care in improving the quality of life of patien... 2017
Details Psychological well-being in children and its associations with material de... 2017
Details Coping with voices: open dialogue... 2017
Details Advanced career designing for persons in recovery from substance use disor... 2017
Details Art therapy : The influence of dance therapy on patients with anxiety an... 2017
Details Effects of a program environment of psychomotor stimulation in improving o... 2017

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