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Details Pre-season hip adductors squeeze strength values and associations with pas... 2017
Details Gene regulation during cork seasonal growth... 2017
Details Cultural adaptation and validation of the Breakthrough Pain Assessment To... 2017
Details 2,3-sialyltransferases in pancreatic cancer cells... 2017
Details A novel SCN1B variant found in a child diagnosed with ... 2017
Details Flagging performance of Sysmex XN platelet channels... 2017
Details Characterization of genetic variation on transcription factor binding site... 2017
Details Difficult venous access: Evaluating the difficulty of intravenous catheter... 2017
Details Greedy Geometric Routing in Word-metric Spaces... 2017
Details Common mobile environment for validation of commercial transactions using ... 2017
Details The Transformation of the Design Studio into New Learning Spaces: A Study o... 2017
Details Composite materials from a bio-based polyamide and high yield natural fibr... 2017
Details The effect of interdependency matrices on failure spreading in interdepend... 2017
Details Enrichment and isolation of bacterial species with potential capacity for ... 2017
Details Ammonia oxydizing archaea and bacteria on Typha latifolia roots are high... 2017
Details Multiple stressors and freshwater biofilms: a microcosm approach to the in... 2017
Details Habitat size effect on macrofauna community in Mediterranean temporary pon... 2017
Details My child has autism. Now what? The needs of families with recently diagnos... 2017
Details Studying the empowering process of young people from Latin America in Cat... 2017
Details Roman maritime religious rituals during the Second Punic War... 2017

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