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Details Effect of histologic chorioamnionitis on white matter development in preter... 2016
Details Growth assessment of preterm infants using detailed anthropometry... 2016
Details Is there a difference in body composition in preterm infants after necrotis... 2016
Details Mapping developmental changes in gene expression and DNA methylation in ast... 2016
Details Supporting fathers in the NICU... 2016
Details Ischemia modified albumin is a useful marker of early neonatal sepsis... 2016
Details Transfer function analysis of dynamic cerebral autoregulation in preterm in... 2016
Details Analytical data review of neonatal perioperative care in a UK neonatal inte... 2016
Details Bilious vomiting in full term newborn infants: does it always foretell an i... 2016
Details Plasma vitamin D levels at birth and immune status of preterm infants... 2016
Details Automatic segmentation of human brain MRI across the life course... 2016
Details Achievement of saturation targets in preterm infants less than 32 weeks ges... 2016
Details Towards high accuracy meningitis testing in neonates... 2016
Details The risk of post-natal growth deficit is negatively correlated with lipid i... 2016
Details Development of a gestational age-specific case-definition for necrotising e... 2016
Details 2-year neurodevelopmental and respiratory outcomes of infants with bronchop... 2016
Details Neonatal Meningococcal Meningitis in France from 2001 to 2013... 2016
Details National pulse oximetry screening pilot study: feasibility and impact on ne... 2016
Details Can diffuse optical tomography provide early detection of perinatal arteria... 2016
Details Neuroprotective effect of remifentanil on excitotoxic-induced brain damage ... 2016

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