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Details The Association between Leptin Concentrations in Breast Milk and Maternal C... 2013
Details Parental Perception of Therapeutic Hypothermia for Hypoxic Ischaemic Enceph... 2013
Details A Randomised Controlled Trial of Face Mask or Nasal Tube to Provide Respira... 2013
Details Tract Based Spatial Statistics Analysis of White Matter Fractional Anisotro... 2013
Details Preformed Silo and Gastroschisis: Size Doesn’t Matter... 2013
Details Language Outcomes after Perinatal Arterial Territory Stroke... 2013
Details The Association between Intrahepatocellular Lipid and Regional Adiposity in... 2013
Details Digital Palpation of Endotracheal Tube Tip as a Method of Confirming Endotr... 2013
Details Exhaled CO2 during Mask Ventilation of Preterm Infants in the Delivery Room... 2013
Details Pulse Oximetry Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects: A UK Nation... 2013
Details Factors Associated with permanent Hearing Impairment after Therapeutic Hypo... 2013
Details An Evaluation of the Use of Enteral Nutrition during Hypothermia Treatment ... 2013
Details Retrospective Cohort Study of Early Superior Vena Cava Flow and Development... 2013
Details Proportional Assist Ventilation in Very Prematurely Born Infants with Evolv... 2013
Details Common Variants in Genes associated with Schizophrenia and Lipid Metabolism... 2013
Details A Comparison between a Human Milk Analyser and Established Laboratory Metho... 2013
Details Defining Optimal Blood Pressure based on a Novel Cerebrovascular Regulation... 2013
Details Hypoxic Respiratory Failure in Term and Near Term Newborns: Perspective fro... 2013
Details Choline Metabolism and the Phosphatidylethanolamine N-Methyltransferase (PE... 2013
Details Cell Death and Microglial Activation in the Newborn Piglet following a Shor... 2013

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