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Details Microstructural maturation of white matter in the developing preterm brain... 2018
Details The prognostic accuracy of magnetic resonance biomarkers in neonatal enceph... 2018
Details High frequency oscillatory ventilation with volume guarantee (HFOV-VG): a s... 2018
Details Cooling therapy is associated with improved MR biomarker measures after mil... 2018
Details Outcome of preterm infants who received rescue inhaled nitric oxide to trea... 2018
Details Are newborn babies with substantial brain injury after hypoxia-ischaemia mo... 2018
Details Role of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in prevention of bronchop... 2018
Details Whole body vibration, as experienced during neonatal ambulance transportati... 2018
Details Core outcomes in Neonatology: Final results of an International Delphi proc... 2018
Details Home oxygen referral audit in premature neonates born In UMHL... 2018
Details Noise exposure in NICU and during neonatal transport: effects and effective... 2018
Details 3D Scanning as a minimally invasive measuring technique for neonatal anthro... 2018
Details Cytokine production pattern of T lymphocytes in neonatal arterial ischaemic... 2018
Details Early diastolic dysfunction and respiratory morbidity in premature infants:... 2018
Details Right ventricular and pulmonary vascular coupling is influenced by left ven... 2018
Details Genes associated with neuropsychiatric disease increase vulnerability to ab... 2018
Details Indicators for lumbar puncture in well - looking neonates; evidence from a ... 2018
Details A data-driven metric of atypical brain development in preterm birth... 2018
Details Corpus callosal area is associated with cognitive but not motor abilities i... 2018
Details Intestinal microbiome development in stable preterm infants: a longitudinal... 2018

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