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Details A Semantic Web SKOS Vocabulary Service for Open Knowledge Organization Sy... 2018
Details Graph Matching based Semantic Search Engine ... 2018
Details The Genesis of EngMeta: a metadata model for research data in Computati... 2018
Details Analysing and Visualising Open Data within the Data & Analytics Framework... 2018
Details Formalizing Enrichment Mechanisms for Bibliographic Ontologies in the Sem... 2018
Details GLOBDEF: a framework for dynamic pipelines of semantic data enrichment tool... 2018
Details Ontologies for Data Science: on its application to data pipelines... 2018
Details Relating Legal Entities via Open Information Extraction... 2018
Details Ontology-based Information Retrieval: development of a semantic-based tool ... 2018
Details Evaluating Data Quality in Europeana: metrics for multilinguality... 2018
Details The Benefits of Linking Metadata for Internal and External Users of an Au... 2018
Details Authify: the reconciliation of entities at scale... 2018
Details Assessing the Preservation of Derivative Relationships in Mappings from F... 2018
Details Metadata Standards for Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Asia... 2018
Details Knowledge Artifacts for the Health: the PERCIVAL project ... 2018
Details Artfacts: a platform for making sense of and telling stories with cultural ... 2018
Details A Semantic-based Metadata Schema to Handle System and Software Configuratio... 2018
Details Connecting and Mapping LOD and CMDI through Knowledge Organization... 2018
Details Creating CMDI-Profiles for Textbook Resources ... 2018
Details Towards a Knowledge Graph based Platform for Public Procurement*... 2018

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