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Details OPENING PLENARY Metabolic changes at birth The importance of breastfeedin... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION A1 In the eyes of the law: human milk Food or human ti... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION A2 Competition policy and lactation consultants. An eco... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION A3 The postnatal ward Time to update its image?... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION B1 How do Lactation Consultants support women to breast... 2016
Details Infant feeding characteristics of Queensland women from culturally and li... 2016
Details The EMBER project: Breastfeeding exclusivity and duration amongst Austral... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION B2 What are the factors associated with in-hospital for... 2016
Details Health risks and harms: A comparison of regulatory arrangements for human... 2016
Details Exploratory study of breast milk transport by mothers of infants in a ter... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION B3 Promotion of breastfeeding in public using design wo... 2016
Details Clinical skills for student midwives... 2016
Details Mothers smart phones Friend or foe? How can we use them in our clinical ... 2016
Details CLINICAL WORKSHOP 1 Infant and maternal factors contributing to the decisi... 2016
Details CLINICAL WORKSHOP 2 Being the IBCLC detective: Where do the clues take us?... 2016
Details CLINICAL WORKSHOP 3 Managing slow weight gain in the breastfed baby Your ... 2016
Details PLENARY SESSION 2 Breastfeeding in emergency situations... 2016
Details PLENARY SESSION 4 NHS improvement patient safety programme on reducing ter... 2016
Details Relactation success stories... 2016
Details CONCURRENT SESSION C1 Diabetes and antenatal milk expressing (DAME): A ran... 2016

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