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Details Multiple gene-to-gene interactions in children with sepsis: a combination o... 2014
Details Comparative evaluation of three interfaces for non-invasive ventilation: a ... 2014
Details Targeting the programmed cell death 1: programmed cell death ligand 1 pathw... 2014
Details Heart–kidney crosstalk and role of humoral signaling in critical illness ... 2014
Details Plasma-type gelsolin in subarachnoid hemorrhage: novel biomarker today, the... 2014
Details Monocyte HLA-DR in sepsis: shall we stop following the flow? ... 2014
Details Renal recovery ... 2014
Details Procalcitonin testing for diagnosis and short-term prognosis in bacterial i... 2014
Details Volume replacement with Ringer-lactate is detrimental in severe hemorrhagic... 2014
Details High-volume hemofiltration for septic acute kidney injury: a systematic rev... 2014
Details The effect of glutamine therapy on outcomes in critically ill patients: a m... 2014
Details Albumin versus crystalloid solutions in patients with the acute respiratory... 2014
Details Low skeletal muscle area is a risk factor for mortality in mechanically ven... 2014
Details Minimising prescribing errors in the ICU ... 2014
Details Improvement in the identification and management of inadvertent hypothermia... 2014
Details Incidence of adverse events in a Brazilian coronary ICU ... 2014
Details Compliance of a ventilator-associated pneumonia care bundle in an adult int... 2014
Details Referrals to a critical care unit: compliance with the NCEPOD recommendatio... 2014
Details Demand versus supply in intensive care: an ever-growing problem ... 2014
Details Targeting blood tests in the ICU may lead to a significant cost reduction ... 2014

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