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Details Protective role of autophagy in mouse cecal ligation and puncture-induced s... 2013
Details Reversible depressive effect of TNFα on a model of isolated perfused rat h... 2013
Details Effect of cdp-choline on microcirculatory alterations during endotoxemia ... 2013
Details Immune response after stimulation with wall components of Gram-positive bac... 2013
Details Correlation of the oxygen radical activity and antioxidants and severity in... 2013
Details Simultaneous analysis of the expression of CD64 and HLA-DR in the periphera... 2013
Details Anti-inflammatory effects of Kupffer cells through α7-nicotinic acetylchol... 2013
Details Prevention of sepsis by correcting apoptosis ... 2013
Details Immune paralysis in trauma patients; implications for prehospital intervent... 2013
Details Is hemoglobin concentration affected by sepsis in the acute phase? ... 2013
Details Do changes in red blood cell deformability in patients with septic shock co... 2013
Details Do erythrocytes subjected to cardiopulmonary bypass exhibit changes in thei... 2013
Details Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin/lipocalin2, derived from gut cry... 2013
Details Lethal influenza virus A H1N1 infection in two relatives with autosomal dom... 2013
Details Bacterial translocation primes proinflammatory responses and is connected t... 2013
Details Effects of the common 34C>T variant of the AMPD1 gene on immune function, m... 2013
Details Exploring the translational disconnect between the murine and human inflamm... 2013
Details TREM-1 levels are elevated in patients with liver cirrhosis ... 2013
Details Effects of different doses and serotypes of LPS on blood-brain barrier perm... 2013
Details Pathophysiology of sepsis-associated brain dysfunction: an experimental stu... 2013

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