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Details Why do we need models? ... 2018
Details Large-scale integration of soil erosion and organic carbon modelling: is ... 2018
Details Soil modeling as an indispensable tool to realize inter- and transdiscip... 2018
Details Evaluating the ecosystem services linked to water in agricultural ecosyste... 2018
Details Soil ecosystem services appraisal and prioritization of soil remediatio... 2018
Details Soil organic carbon stock changes predicted with Yasso model after affor... 2018
Details SoilGrids: using big data solutions and machine learning for global soil m... 2018
Details Cross-database evaluation of machine-learning regression models for predic... 2018
Details Spatiotemporal modelling of global SOC changes 1992-2015 at 300 m resoluti... 2018
Details Accounting for plant hydraulic properties in Earth system models (ESMs) ... 2018
Details Measuring water dynamics in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum using rada... 2018
Details Modelling soil hydric dynamic and soil nitrous oxide emissions under sim... 2018
Details Spatial and temporal variability in water infiltration patterns ... 2018
Details Connecting crop models with proximal soil sensing to improve agricultura... 2018
Details Listening to earthworms burrowing and roots growing - acoustic signatu... 2018
Details Introducing soil structure in land-surface models: implications for w... 2018
Details Coupled soilscape-landform evolution: Recent insights ... 2018
Details Scale-dependent parameterization of aquifer conductance to simulate ground... 2018
Details Functional Sensitivity Study of Pedotransfer Functions for use in Land S... 2018
Details Concepts and complications for implementing hydrologic processes in soil... 2018

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