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Details Flow of dense suspensions: protocols to prevent jamming ... 2018
Details Rheology of CaCO 3 paste: the solutions physico-chemical role ... 2018
Details Rheological properties of injection grouts incorporating nano-silica ... 2018
Details Discontinuous shear thickening and stick-slip oscillations tuned by a magn... 2018
Details Particles in complex formulations: rheology, dynamics and microstructure ... 2018
Details A new elastoviscoplastic model for highly concentrated suspensions of solid... 2018
Details Extensional versus shear rheologies for dense suspensions ... 2018
Details Vorticity banding in dense suspensions ... 2018
Details The behaviours of the elastic capsules in viscoelastic fluid Poiseuille flo... 2018
Details Numerical study of three-dimensional multiphase flows of viscoelastic fluid... 2018
Details Dynamics of an elastoviscoplastic drop in a Newtonian medium under shear fl... 2018
Details Numerical simulations on the dynamics of a spheroid in a viscoelastic liqui... 2018
Details Thermocapillary motion of a Newtonian droplet in a viscoelastic fluid under... 2018
Details Transfer of rate-thinning and rate-thickening liquids between separating pl... 2018
Details Hydrodynamic mixing of yield stress fluids by gas injection ... 2018
Details Intrinsically-nonlinear rheometry ... 2018
Details Non-linear shear rheology of dendronized polymethacrylate melts studied wit... 2018
Details Novel flexible polystyrenes show increased tensile strength ... 2018
Details Uniaxial extensional viscosity of Poly(n-alkylstyrene)s ... 2018
Details Assessing the monomeric friction reduction mechanism with monodispersed lin... 2018

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