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Details Drop deformation in microfluidics for viscosity measurements ... 2018
Details Rheo-NMR, a combination of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and rheometry t... 2018
Details Microfluidic in situ mechanical testing of flexible particles ... 2018
Details Experimental investigation of the flow dynamics and rheology of complex flu... 2018
Details New understanding of collective modes and thermodynamics of the liquid stat... 2018
Details Data driven calibration of in line viscosity sensors ... 2018
Details Shear-induced structural rearrangement in jammed suspensions of soft partic... 2018
Details Measuring the adhesion limit of cells with a narrow-gap rotational rheomete... 2018
Details The delocalization transition in a colloidal glass ... 2018
Details Computing the linear viscoelastic properties of soft gels using an Optimall... 2018
Details Shear thinning in glassy liquids ... 2018
Details Computer simulations of packed soft colloids ... 2018
Details Microscopic dynamics during the yielding of a dense glass of soft spheres ... 2018
Details Gelation as condensation frustrated by hydrodynamics and mechanical isostat... 2018
Details The colloidal glass transition: relaxing into arrest ... 2018
Details Wall slip under unconfined conditions ... 2018
Details Dry granular flows rheology: experimental investigation and particles simul... 2018
Details The glass transition of soft colloids ... 2018
Details Crude oils: wax crystallization and rheological behavior ... 2018
Details Rheology of non-spherical granular suspensions ... 2018

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