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Details Wednesday, November 5... 2014
Details Thursday, November 6... 2014
Details Genetic and Epigenetic Pathways of Early Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Diso... 2014
Details Polyvictimization and Complex Trauma across Childhood: Characterizing Patte... 2014
Details New Directions for Treating Traumatic Grief across the Lifespan... 2014
Details Certain People Cant Take What I Just Now Told You: Understanding Factors... 2014
Details Childhood Trauma and Delinquency: Predictors, Correlates, and Consequences ... 2014
Details The Effects of Childhood Trauma on Post-Deployment Functioning and Recovery... 2014
Details Links from Childhood Trauma to Physiological Outcomes Across Development... 2014
Details Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Support Evidence-Based Practices... 2014
Details New Directions in Campus Sexual Assault Research... 2014
Details Complications in Diagnosing PTSD: The Issue of Comorbidity... 2014
Details Developmental and Relational Perspectives on the Effects of Domestic Violen... 2014
Details PTSD, Depression and Functional Outcomes among Military Personnel, Veterans... 2014
Details The Impact of Sexual Identity, Lifetime Trauma Exposure, Intergenerational ... 2014
Details Investigating the Impact of Cumulative Trauma on Sexual Minority Womens... 2014
Details Invisible Wounds of Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for Assessment ... 2014
Details Traumatic Stress Responses in the Wake of Collective Trauma: Methodological... 2014
Details From Predictors to Passageways to Practice: Mapping the Ecology of Bereavem... 2014
Details Using Multi-Family Groups to Strengthen Resilience in Vulnerable Population... 2014

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