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Details Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)... 2013
Details Taking Your Prolonged Exposure (PE) Practice to the Next Level: How and Wh... 2013
Details Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Mindfulness and Compassion in the Treat... 2013
Details Treatment of Complex Childhood Trauma: Comparative Application of Case Mat... 2013
Details Problem-Solving Therapy to Enhance Recovery and Resilience... 2013
Details New Evidence Supported Approaches to First Responder Behavioral Health: Im... 2013
Details The Sanctuary Model: What It Takes to Create and Sustain Trauma- Informed a... 2013
Details Imagery Rescripting Therapy for Military Populations: An Introduction... 2013
Details How Understanding the Neurobiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Can I... 2013
Details Assessing PTSD According to DSM-5... 2013
Details Psychological First Aid Keeping Providers Skills Up... 2013
Details Ethnocultural Variation in Traumatic Stress in the United States: Epidemio... 2013
Details Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Theory and Practice of an Approach to ... 2013
Details Healing Through Resilience and Forgiveness... 2013
Details Resilience as Related to Definition, Theory, and Challenges... 2013
Details Extending Access to Patients and Providers through New Web-Based PTSD Reso... 2013
Details Psychiatric Sequelae of Traumatic Physical Injury: Challenges and Novel In... 2013
Details Advances in PTSD and Neuroimaging... 2013
Details Functional Connectivity of the Fear Circuitry and Default Mode Network in... 2013
Details Resilience Following Trauma Exposure: Identifying Malleable Risk and Prote... 2013

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