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Details Trauma Exposed Journalists: Post-Traumatic Growth and Post-Traumatic Stre... 2012
Details Predictors of PTSD and Occupational Dysfunction in Journalists ... 2012
Details Understanding Harassment Across the Globe ... 2012
Details The Role of Distinct PTSD Symptoms, Dissociation, and Coping Strategies i... 2012
Details Reducing the Risk of IPV Revictimization Through Reduction of PTSD ... 2012
Details Sexual Revictimization in a Large Sample of Marine Recruits ... 2012
Details Tiger in the Room: Overt Expressions of Psychological Trauma in Gynecolog... 2012
Details What Is Left Unsaid: Covert Expressions of Trauma Related Distress in Gyn... 2012
Details Mastering the Pelvic Examination: Exploring Novel Adaptations of Cognitiv... 2012
Details Complicated Grief Among Survivors of the 4/16 Shootings at Virginia Tech ... 2012
Details Racial Differences in Parental Overprotection, Post-Traumatic Symptoms, a... 2012
Details Those Who Seek Do Not Necessarily Find: PTSD Symptom Severity as a Modera... 2012
Details Social Support Seeking and Social Constraints as Moderators of the Relati... 2012
Details Innovations in Practice and Research: Early Interventions in Traumatized ... 2012
Details Screening at-Risk Children in the Early Stage After Trauma: Is This Alway... 2012
Details Web-Based Prevention for School-Age Children After Acute Trauma ... 2012
Details Effectiveness of the Epicap Stepped Early Intervention in Preschool Age C... 2012
Details Early Pharmacological Interventions: Present and Future ... 2012
Details Latent Classes of PTSD Symptoms in Vietnam Veterans ... 2012
Details The Utility of the PTSD Checklist for Identifying Full and Partial PTSD A... 2012

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