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Details P00 Simplifying biological data access for data science ... 2018
Details Dynamical comparison between Hemoglobin and Myoglobin reveals the affects ... 2018
Details Convolutional Neural Networks In Classifying Cancer Through DNA Methylatio... 2018
Details Homologous Inter-Domain Segments in Protein Families ... 2018
Details GPCR-PEnDB: A database of protein sequences and derived features to facili... 2018
Details A Data Quality Testing Tool for Cross-institutional OMOP Electronic Health... 2018
Details Med2Mech: Neural-Symbolic Representation of Molecular Mechanisms Underlyin... 2018
Details Cell4D: a Spatial Stochastic Simulator for Biological Modeling ... 2018
Details REAL-neo, a comprehensive neoantigen prediction and prioritization pipelin... 2018
Details NaVARgator: A bioinformatics program to cluster phylogenetic trees and ide... 2018
Details Identifying candidate druggable targets in canine cancer cell lines using ... 2018
Details Using Adversarial Deep Neural Networks to Remove Nonlinear Batch Effects f... 2018
Details SumSec: Accurate Prediction of Sumoylation Sites using Predicted Secondary... 2018
Details Leaf: A self service cohort discovery and extraction browser for mining cl... 2018
Details A Machine Learning Classifier for Assigning Individual Patients with Syste... 2018
Details Using machine learning algorithms for classification of medulloblastoma su... 2018
Details Computational Identification and Analysis of Bacterial Virulence Factors E... 2018
Details Harmonizing and Analyzing Clinical Trials Data in the AHA Precision Medici... 2018
Details Integrating pathway databases with Gene Ontology Causal Activity Models ... 2018
Details Human Skin Biopsy Culture Model Maintains Psoriasis Disease Function and D... 2018

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