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Details DendroShiny: A Dynamic Visualization Tool for the Analysis of Genome Wide ... 2017
Details Automated Biomedical Text Classification with Research Domain Criteria ... 2017
Details Building a Systems-level model of the immune response to Salmonella infect... 2017
Details The first de novo genome assembly of the hemiclonal live bearing Poeciliid... 2017
Details GEOcurate: Enabling biologists to easily curate annotations from GEO datas... 2017
Details Using Cross-Species Analysis to investigate mechanisms of chemotherapy age... 2017
Details Estimating the lower bound of the known unknowns in the scientific literat... 2017
Details SOMAscan® Proteomic Biomarker Discover Platform and its Applications to Di... 2017
Details Identifying and Annotating Uninvestigated Preeclampsia-Related Genes Using... 2017
Details Host phenotype prediction from differentially abundant microbes ... 2017
Details Three cellular-scale simulations of drug delivery in tumors ... 2017
Details Characterization of the mechanism of drug-drug interactions from PubMed ... 2017
Details Pathway Networks Generated from Human Disease Phenome ... 2017
Details Development of a statistical model of the genetics of maternal-fetal dyads... 2017
Details Increasing flexibility of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) ... 2017
Details Dissimilarity Matrix Based Clustering for Phylogenetic Analysis ... 2017
Details A Comparison of Viral Identification Techniques in Longitudinal Metagenomi... 2017
Details Locating sites of ribonucleotide incorporation in RNase H2-deficient cells... 2017
Details Integrated molecular and clinical analysis for understanding human disease... 2017
Details Modular genomic variant calling workflow in Swift/T ... 2017

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