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Details CAMSA: a Tool for Comparative Analysis and Merging of Scaffold Assemblies ... 2016
Details Identifying the mechanism for the metastatic spread of breast cancer throu... 2016
Details Inter-annotator agreement and the upper bound on system performance in bio... 2016
Details Transforming OWL for Network Inference ... 2016
Details Antibacterial potential of two peptides derived from a ribosomal protein f... 2016
Details A polyalanine peptide derived from polar fish with anti-infectious activit... 2016
Details Application Ontologies Supporting Phenotyping from Clinical Text ... 2016
Details An Image Phenotyping Environment Based on Open-Source Tools ... 2016
Details Computational Drug Discovery: An In Silico and In Vitro Exploration into C... 2016
Details Visualizing the Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer within Pseudomonas aerugi... 2016
Details Improving User Experience and Tool Interoperability at the Rat Genome Data... 2016
Details Towards Efficient Patient Care Management System for Terminally ill Patien... 2016
Details Best practices for reproducible and robust data analysis in a bioinformati... 2016
Details Enhancer Reprogramming in Mammalian Genomes ... 2016
Details The Finite State Projection based Fisher Information Matrix for the Design... 2016
Details Unbiased Sequence Identification using Multiple K-mers ... 2016
Details Medication Data Mining of Electronic Medical Records Reveal Race-Specific ... 2016
Details Reproducible Computational Workflows with Continuous Analysis ... 2016
Details Integrative Genomic Analysis of Candidate Long Non-Coding RNAs Associated ... 2016
Details ModEvo: A Web-Based Tool for Modeling Evolutionary Dynamics ... 2016

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