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Details How to Estimate the Rate of Evolutionary Transpositions? ... 2015
Details A pilot exploration of the gut microbiome of Egyptian HCV patients ... 2015
Details Using graph kernels on protein-protein interaction networks for multi-loci... 2015
Details The Virome of Red Sea Brine Pool Sediments ... 2015
Details A genetic analysis of a complex trait in a “genetically intractable” gut m... 2015
Details CNVScan: gene copy numbers evaluation in haploid genomes ... 2015
Details GraDe-SVM: Graph-Diffused Classification for the Analysis of Somatic Mutat... 2015
Details Charting the human genome’s regulatory landscape with transcription factor... 2015
Details Machine learning and genomic analysis to predict drug resistance in Mycoba... 2015
Details Alignment free phylogenies of giant viruses ... 2015
Details Abstract Withdrawn P13 Genomic Big Data: scalability challenges and solu... 2015
Details Virpack, a Viral Metagenomic Functional Annotation Package ... 2015
Details Abstract Withdrawn P16 Gene expression profiling to predict response to ... 2015
Details In-silico identification of prognostically inversely correlated miRNA - mR... 2015
Details PROGTar: A database of prognostically inversely correlated miRNA and Genes... 2015
Details Unsupervised Extraction of Biological Features from Complete Gene Expressi... 2015
Details Abstract Withdrawn P21 Application of predicted relative solvent accessi... 2015
Details Visualizing Robustness of Complex Phenotype and Biomarker Associations ... 2015
Details Rhesus ?-Defensin-1 (RTD-1) as a Potential Anti-Inflammatory Therapy for C... 2015
Details Stochastic Models for Studying Lymphocyte Responses Using Flow Cytometry E... 2015

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