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Details Dietary Influences on the Incidence of Alzheimer Disease: Converging Infer... 2014
Details Prediction and validation of genes regulating breast cancer metastasis. ... 2014
Details Interpolating Genetic Characteristics of Zoonotic Viruses for Cluster mode... 2014
Details Detecting Fossils of Horizontal Gene Transfer between Symbiotic Species ... 2014
Details Modeling Binding Affinity of the Multiple Zinc-Finger Protein Prdm9 ... 2014
Details Calculating prior and posterior probabilities of concepts in conceptually ... 2014
Details Computational Analysis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Drug Resistance ... 2014
Details A phylogenomic approach to assess global genetic diversity and intrapatien... 2014
Details A Quality-Control and Data Analysis Pipeline for Comparative Reduced Repre... 2014
Details A Comparative Bioinformatic Investigation of the Protein-Protein Interacti... 2014
Details Intellectual Disability in Down Syndrome: Deciphering Molecular Mechanisms... 2014
Details Co-expression Network Hubs in Hypoxia and Acclimatization to High Altitude... 2014
Details Effects of transcript aggregation on RNAseq data ... 2014
Details Linking patient outcome to high throughput protein expression data reveals... 2014
Details Analyzing Disease-Gene Networks Using Hypergraph Techniques ... 2014
Details Computational Methods to Study Differential Transcription ... 2014
Details Integrative Genomics Approaches for Predicting Drug Synergies ... 2014
Details Towards a Modern Curriculum for Teaching Computational Bioscience ... 2014
Details Using ontology annotations and knowledge base of biomedicine in retrospect... 2014
Details Phage Phisher: Isolating Viral Sequences From Complex Genomic Datasets ... 2014

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