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Details Variance component score test in a mixed-effects model framework to map ti... 2013
Details Towards Realizing Cloud Based Biological Echo System for Biological Workfl... 2013
Details Detecting the CRISPR/Cas System in Freshwater Environments ... 2013
Details Abstract Withdrawn P08 High Throughput Phenotype Profiling for Bacterial... 2013
Details Genome sequence of an outbreak strain of Mycobacterium abscessus from Rio ... 2013
Details Annotation of hypothetical proteins in human adenoviruses ... 2013
Details Systematic classification of common disease-associated SNPs by their epige... 2013
Details Comparative metagenomics by cross-assembly ... 2013
Details GeneSeer Aids Drug Discovery by Exploring Evolutionary Relationships Betwe... 2013
Details Clustering Coefficients in Protein Interaction Hypernetworks ... 2013
Details Abstract Withdrawn P16 Mark2Cure: a crowdsourcing platform for biomedica... 2013
Details Abstract Withdrawn P18 Temporal Expression Recognition for Cell Cycle Ph... 2013
Details Abstract Withdrawn P20 Integrative Visualization for Discovery of Phenot... 2013
Details Introducing Computations in Biology/Bioinformatics – An Undergraduate Pers... 2013
Details Abstract Withdrawn P24 Linking genotype and enterotype in inflammatory b... 2013
Details Modeling Transcriptional Regulation through simulation of the dynamic chan... 2013
Details HIPPO: A tool for constructing quality-conscious meta-assemblies ... 2013
Details Flow-Based Network Alignment ... 2013
Details An Optimal Metabolic Route Search Tool: RouteSearch ... 2013
Details Characterizing Unknown Viral Genes Through Metabolomics ... 2013

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