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Details Transcriptional Regulatory Networks of the Brain: the Whole versus the Par... 2012
Details A comparison of co-temporal signals from real biological and simulated dat... 2012
Details Rediscovery of the p53 transcriptome ... 2012
Details Molecular Prediction by Regression (MPR) a New Platform for Predicting Mol... 2012
Details A model-guided workflow for prediction and validation of synthetic lethal ... 2012
Details Neural networks as a methodology for upgrading the selection of eucalyptus... 2012
Details Simulationg and Increment of Data for Use in Neural Networks in Studies of... 2012
Details What is in Control of Replication Timing ... 2012
Details Identifying Driver Mutations in Cancer with Protein Structures ... 2012
Details Compression of structured high-throughput sequencing data ... 2012
Details A web portal for the integration of genomic and proteomic data in Huntingt... 2012
Details Genomic and Computational analysis of tuberculosis drug resistance ... 2012
Details Analyzing "Unlikely" Semantic Similarity Across Multiple Ontologies ... 2012
Details Accessing ontology web-services of the National Center for Biomedical Onto... 2012
Details Characterizing the SOS response of the human microbiome ... 2012
Details Functional Annotation Prediction, Assessment, and Enrichment in Pathogenic... 2012
Details In-silico identification of an epithelial core signature in human tumors ... 2012
Details Perception of Local People and Concerned Authority Regarding Poaching of W... 2012
Details Understanding Heart Remodelling in Congestive Heart Failure through Analys... 2012
Details A new Markov random field approach to predicting gene-disease relationship... 2012

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