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Details The role of rejuvenation through tissue culture in the success of Eucalypt... 2018
Details Cloning systems of traditional and alternative Brazilian forest species ... 2018
Details KLON - plant biotechnology for productivity and sustainability of agro- for... 2018
Details Industrial implementation of somatic embryogenesis and genomic selection i... 2018
Details New method of initiation and multiplication culture cycling of somatic pol... 2018
Details An overview on somatic embryogenesis and applications in woody plants ... 2018
Details Biotechnological tools to produce superb trees in the green era ... 2018
Details Progress in somatic embryogenesis of Japanese conifers ... 2018
Details Induction of somatic embryogenesis in leaf and shoot apex explants derived... 2018
Details The ups and downs of developing hybrid sweetgum varieties for the U.S. bio... 2018
Details Somatic embryogenesis and other vegetative propagation of native forest tr... 2018
Details Embryogenic competence acquisition in tamarillo from tissue to single-cel... 2018
Details Promotion of rooting rate for commercial planting of Eucalyptus pellita ... 2018
Details Superior ideotypes for Christmas tree production combining quantitative g... 2018
Details Benefits and risks of using clones in forestry ... 2018
Details A new generation of chestnut rootstocks with improved resistance to Phytop... 2018
Details An assessment of hybrid poplar leaf and wood traits in micropropa... 2018
Details Strawberry tree ( Arbutus unedo L.) breeding: hybridization and polyploid... 2018
Details Clones la carte how proper organisation of large clone and data collecti... 2018
Details Biofactory movil: New access alternative to the massive propagation of clo... 2018

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