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Details 1.1 Neurobiology of addiction: Cerberus revisited... 2015
Details 1.2 Dissociation between changes in cellular excitability and synaptic plas... 2015
Details 1.3 Astrocytes mediate heterodendritic metaplasticity in hippocampus... 2015
Details 1.4 Astrocytes selectively regulate the expression of neuronal GABA-A recep... 2015
Details 1.5 Optogenetic activation of rat GnRH neurons... 2015
Details 1.6 Secreted amyloid precursor protein alpha regulates protein synthesis in... 2015
Details 1.7 Distinct temporal fingerprint for cAMP signalling of indole-2-carboxami... 2015
Details 2.1 Modern approaches for dissecting neuromodulation and signaling in affec... 2015
Details 2.2 Optogenetic stimulation of motor thalamic terminals modulates motor cor... 2015
Details 2.3 Complex GABAergic innervation onto ventral tegmental dopamine neurons... 2015
Details 2.4 Delayed post-treatment with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells ... 2015
Details 2.5 Reinforcement signals critically modulate spike timing-dependent plasti... 2015
Details 3.1 A novel electrochemical approach for interrogating tonic and phasic dop... 2015
Details 3.2 An optogenetic study of endocannabinoid mediated modulation of dopamine... 2015
Details 3.3 Neurochemical changes in the striatum in a transgenic ovine model of Hu... 2015
Details 3.4 Globus pallidus neurodegeneration links to symptom heterogeneity in Hun... 2015
Details 4.2 Preclinical anti-addiction and side effect profile of the novel kappa-o... 2015
Details 4.3 The role of 5-HT 1A and 5-HT 1B receptors in MDMA self-administration... 2015
Details 4.4 Novel role of the ETS-5 transcription factor in exploratory behaviour... 2015
Details 4.5 Investigating the effect of conditional probability on reinforcement ev... 2015

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