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Details 1.1 Optogenetic control of endogenous ion channels and receptors in the ner... 2014
Details 1.2 The hyperdirect pathway drives endocannabinoid modulation of GABAergic ... 2014
Details 1.3 An STDP rule combined with BCM-like fast homeostasis accounts for LTP a... 2014
Details 1.4 Regulation of GnRH neuron nerve terminal excitability... 2014
Details 1.5 Zinc-dependent regulation of synapse function in Autism Spectrum Disord... 2014
Details 1.6 Synaptic pathology in CLN6 ovine neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis... 2014
Details 2.1 Synapses and circuits for the cortical processing of odours... 2014
Details 2.2 Prolonged metabotropic glutamate receptor activity in the early stages ... 2014
Details 2.3 Super resolution imaging of SAP97-expressing synapses... 2014
Details absence epilepsy... 2014
Details 2.5 From experiments to differential equations - Possibilities and limitati... 2014
Details 2.6 A comparison of spike-timing dependent plasticity and calcium dependent... 2014
Details 3.1 Defining the role of mRNA export and mRNA decay in neurodevelopmental d... 2014
Details 3.2 An improved human anxiety-specific biomarker: Personality, pharmacology... 2014
Details 3.3 Does optogenetic stimulation of motor thalamus improve reaching in Park... 2014
Details 3.4 Investigation of AL-1-99 as a potential anti-addiction pharmacotherapy:... 2014
Details 3.5 White matter lesions - a factor in developing dementia in patients with... 2014
Details 3.6 Effects and mechanism of action of estren on beta amyloid-induced choli... 2014
Details 4.1 An inconvenient truth: Trpc2-expressing sensory neurons in the mouse ma... 2014
Details 4.2 Kappa opioids: New targets for the treatment of pain... 2014

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