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Details 1.1 Epilepsy genetics: A successful marriage of next generation sequencing ... 2013
Details 1.2 Cellular mechanisms underlying modulation of interhemispheric inhibitio... 2013
Details 1.3 The multi-disciplinary brain recovery clinic for stroke: Results of a c... 2013
Details 1.4 Enhancing tonic inhibition promotes post-stroke recovery... 2013
Details 1.5 Modulating post-stroke tonic inhibition offers an extended therapeutic ... 2013
Details 2.1 Effects of early treatment with L-Baclofen on the development of tinnit... 2013
Details 2.2 Connexin43 mimetic peptide, a new treatment for early age-related macul... 2013
Details 2.3 Current perspectives on Parkinsons disease: Cognition to the fore... 2013
Details 2.4 The effects of galvanic vestibular stimulation on cell proliferation in... 2013
Details 3.1 Approach, avoid, or not? Trait anxiety, neuroticism and the frontal asy... 2013
Details 3.2 Memory following mammillothalamic tract lesions in rats... 2013
Details 3.3 Supplementation of dairy complex lipid concentrate (DCLC) improved the ... 2013
Details 3.4 Functional relevance of gamma oscillations in schizophrenia... 2013
Details 4.1 Perspectives on Huntingtons disease: From original observations to curr... 2013
Details 4.2 Region-specific cortical degeneration is a key component in understandi... 2013
Details 4.4 Adenosine A 1 receptor signalling ameliorates noise-induced hearing lo... 2013
Details 4.5 Sodium selenate reduces hyperphosphorylated tau and improves outcome in... 2013
Details 4.6 Repeated phencyclidine treatment alters arginine metabolism in rat hipp... 2013
Details 5.1 Myelin deficits, with no change in the absolute number of mature oligod... 2013
Details 5.2 Microglia from neurogenic regions of the adult human brain are more pro... 2013

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