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Details Human Parietal Lobe Contributions to Attention and Awareness... 2009
Details Time fl ies! Attentional Effects of Emotion on Time Perception for Visual ... 2009
Details Motor Plans Infl uence the Visual Processing of Observed Actions... 2009
Details The Role of Emotional Content in the Control of Eye Movements... 2009
Details Tracking the Learning of Actions: Evaluation of the P3a Component... 2009
Details Human Brains: A Moving Target... 2009
Details The Role of Dopamine in Selective Attention in the Prefrontal Cortex of Pig... 2009
Details Dynamic Regulation of the Endocochlear Potential of the Mammalian Cochlea... 2009
Details Developmental Changes in Pre-synaptic Ribbons and Post-synaptic Glutamate ... 2009
Details Survival and Neuritogenesis of Type I and Type II Spiral Ganglion Neurons ... 2009
Details Early Interaction Between Bottom-up and Top-down Processes in the Beta-gam... 2009
Details The Neurexin/Neuroligin Complex: Role in Sensory Processing in the Insect B... 2009
Details How the Brain Deciphers Complex Olfactory Information: Lessons from the Hon... 2009
Details Auditory Processing of Conspecifi c Vocalizations in the Auditory Midbrain... 2009
Details Gene-environment Interactions Mediating Experience-dependent ... 2009
Details Environmental Enrichment and Cerebrolysin Promote Recovery of Function ... 2009
Details Molecular Therapy of Obesity and Diabetes by Hypothalamic Administration o... 2009
Details Enhanced Adenosine Levels in the Rat Cochlea Ameliorate Noise-induced Injur... 2009
Details Adenosine and CCPA Mitigate Noise-induced Cochlear Injury... 2009
Details Conversion Disorder and Motor Preparation: Preliminary Findings... 2009

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