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Details 1.1 Manipulating Dopamine Pathways in the Bee Brain: Impacts on Brain Funct... 2008
Details 1.2 Tracking the Learning of Novel Actions and Action Selection: A Behaviou... 2008
Details 1.4 The Hyperpolarisation-activated Current (Ih) Signifi cantly Contribute... 2008
Details 1.5 Spatial Learning Results in Elevated Agmatine Levels in the Rat Brain... 2008
Details 1.6 Age-Related Changes in LTP-Associated Gene Expression Profi les in the... 2008
Details 1.7 How Well Can Young People With Aspergers Disorder Identify Threat in Fa... 2008
Details 2.1 Dentate Gyrus Subregional Analysis of Glutamate Receptor Expression Fol... 2008
Details 2.2 Regulation of Spatial Memory Processing by Endogenous Secreted Amyloid ... 2008
Details 2.3 Modulation of Intracortical Inhibition by Low Intensity Theta Burst Sti... 2008
Details 2.4 Complexin II Plays a Positive Role in Ca2 + -triggered Exocytosis by Fa... 2008
Details educed Expression of Pre-Synaptic Plasma Membrane Ca 2+ ATPase (PMCA2a) A... 2008
Details 2.6 Towards Gene Therapy in Ovine Batten Disease... 2008
Details 2.7 SIRT1 Overexpression Delays Neuropathology in a Rat Model of Huntington... 2008
Details 3.1 Advanced Imaging Techniques in the Management and Study of Stroke... 2008
Details 3.2 Predictive Saccades and Cognitive Impairment in Parkinsons Disease... 2008
Details 3.3 Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Cortical Exc... 2008
Details 3.4 Refl exive and Voluntary Saccades in Parkinsons Disease ... 2008
Details 3.5 Subtle Cognitive Impairment in Elderly People With Normal MMSE Scores ... 2008
Details 3.6 Limbic System Structural Integrity and Global Cognitive Status in Parki... 2008
Details Poster 4.1 Synaptic Changes in Cerebellar Neurons of an Ataxic Mouse... 2008

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