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Details 1.1 The Long-Term Future of Long-Term Potentiation... 2007
Details 1.2 Creating a Neurogenic Environment: The Role of BDNF and FGF2... 2007
Details 1.3 Dynamics of SAP97 Isoforms in Spines and Functional Effects on Synapt... 2007
Details 1.4 Functional Incorporation of New Brain Cells into Existing Neuronal Netw... 2007
Details 1.5 Hippocampal Involvement in Cost/Benefi t Analysis... 2007
Details 1.6 Shedding a Light on Positive Reinforcement Mechanisms in the Striatum... 2007
Details 2.1 A Choice Reaction Time Task to Assess Memory Processes in Clinical Popu... 2007
Details 2.2 Bradyphrenia on a Visual Inspection Time Task in Parkinsons Disease ON ... 2007
Details 2.3 His face doesnt ring a bell! Prosopagnosia and Human Facial Recogniti... 2007
Details 2.4 Automatic and Controlled Processing after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury... 2007
Details 2.5 Functional Improvement in Chronic Stroke Patients Depends on Corticospi... 2007
Details 2.6 Illusory Conjunctions are Biased by Synaesthesia ... 2007
Details 3.1 The Role of MAPK Signaling Pathway in the Metabotropic Action of Kaina... 2007
Details 3.2 Activity-Dependent Induction of Synaptotagmin 4 Retrograde Signaling Re... 2007
Details 3.3 Effects of Aging on Agmatine Levels in Memory-Associated Brain Structur... 2007
Details 3.4 Manipulating Notch Signaling Enhances Neuronal Regeneration in Adult R... 2007
Details 3.5 NMDA Receptor Traffi cking: Multiple Ways for Reaching and Leaving the... 2007
Details 3.6 Potentiation of AMPAR and NMDAR EPSCs is Modulated by Pattern of Stimul... 2007
Details 3.7 Neuronal Circuits Underlying Interesting Behavioral Traits... 2007
Details Poster 4.1 The Effect of Coordination Mode on Use-Dependent Plasticity... 2007

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