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Details a murine viral outgrowth assay to detect HIV in patients with undetectable... 2015
Details Virologic and immunologic correlates of viral control post-aRT interruptio... 2015
Details Anti-HIV antibody responses reflect the quantifiable HIV reservoir size... 2015
Details Trancriptomics and metabolomics identify inflammatory profiles that segreg... 2015
Details HIV-1 virological remission for more than 11 years after interruption of e... 2015
Details Time associated changes in cell-associated HIV RNA in HIV-infected subject... 2015
Details Treatment with anti-47 integrin antibody reduces virus-mediated gastrointe... 2015
Details oral microbiome in HIV-infected women: aging, disease progression and oppo... 2015
Details serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin isolate increases peripheral and mucos... 2015
Details HIV-exposure, gut microbiome, and vaccine responses in south african infan... 2015
Details sIV-induced translocation of bacterial products in the liver mobilizes mye... 2015
Details field evaluation of point-of-care testing for early infant diagnosis in ca... 2015
Details High rates of baseline nnRTI-resistance and virologic failure among aRT na... 2015
Details T cell activation and treatment outcomes among infants receiving early aRT... 2015
Details changes in renal laboratory parameters and bone mineral density in treatme... 2015
Details Treatment and resistance outcomes of asian children on second-line antiret... 2015
Details Week 48 safety and efficacy of a rilpivirine (TMC278)-based regimen in HIV... 2015
Details In utero tenofovir exposure is not associated with fetal long bone growth... 2015
Details The durability of isoniazid preventive therapy for tuberculosis: long-term... 2015
Details Treatment outcomes of drug-resistant Tb patients in south africa, disaggre... 2015

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