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Details Neurospora as a model for circadian clocks in higher organisms.... 2017
Details Phytophthora effectors promote infection by suppressing small RNA silenc... 2017
Details Dissecting the role of the Tox3 effector in the Parastagonospora nodorum... 2017
Details A small secreted protein in Zymoseptoria tritici is responsible for aviru... 2017
Details Light-induced gene expression in Botrytis cinerea involves GATA-transcrip... 2017
Details Continental-level population differentiation and environmental adaptation i... 2017
Details Cryptococcus neoformans genomics influence human survival and immunologic ... 2017
Details Discovery of a novel azole-resistance mutation in Aspergillus fumigatus ... 2017
Details Chromosome plasticity during experimental evolution of the cross-kingdom ... 2017
Details The cereal pathogen Fusarium pseudograminearum produces a mimic of cytoki... 2017
Details Copper-responsive isocyanide biosynthetic cluster in Aspergillus fumigat... 2017
Details The RNAi system in the Brassicaceae smut fungus Thecaphora thlaspeos .... 2017
Details Live-cell imaging of nuclei and filamentous actin in the basidiomycete S... 2017
Details The histone methyltransferases FfSet2 and FfAsh1 deposit H3K36 methylatio... 2017
Details Live cell imaging of the cytoskeleton in Phytophthora pathogens reveals u... 2017
Details Complex nuclear motility in a fungal hypha explained by an elegant mechanis... 2017
Details Effectors and Small Secreted Cysteine-Rich Proteins SnTox1, a cysteine ... 2017
Details Role of blue light for fruiting body induction and development in basidiomy... 2017
Details What drives speciation? Examination into the evolutionary events of more ... 2017
Details Pervasive adenine N6-methylation of active genes in fungi.... 2017

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