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Details Food for thought: Cheese as an experimental ecosystem.... 2015
Details Invade, co-opt, and swap: Evolution of cell cycle control in Fungi and othe... 2015
Details Beyond the whole genome duplication: phylogenetic evidence for an ancient i... 2015
Details Epigenetic variation and adaptation in plant pathogenic oomycetes.... 2015
Details Genome sequence evolution in experimental populations of S. cerevisiae .... 2015
Details Intra-Species Phenotypic and Genotypic Variation in C. albicans .... 2015
Details -Tubulin: a Multifunctional Cell Organizer.... 2015
Details Regulation of microtubule-based transport.... 2015
Details Long-distance endosome trafficking drives fungal effector production during... 2015
Details Cell-cell communication and fusion in Neurospora crassa .... 2015
Details New insights into effector research in the sebacinoid root endophyte Pirif... 2015
Details Evolution of virulence in the vascular wilt pathogen Verticillium dahliae ... 2015
Details Microsporidia infection in C. elegans and other hosts.... 2015
Details Fungus-insect interactions: genomics and molecular biology.... 2015
Details Investigating the cell cycle control of plant infection by the rice blast f... 2015
Details Intercellular communication and morphogenesis in the human fungal pathogen ... 2015
Details RNA silencing in Mucor : small RNAs in development and pathogenesis.... 2015
Details Interplay between self and nonself recognition mechanisms regulate chemotro... 2015
Details Analysis of clock-regulated genes in Neurospora reveals widespread posttr... 2015
Details The interplay of a GPI-anchored protein and the STRIPAK complex regulate fr... 2015

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