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Details Diversity and evolution of the wood-decay apparatus in saprotrophic Agarico... 2011
Details Genome dynamics in the Fusarium oxysporum species complex.... 2011
Details The effectors of smut fungi.... 2011
Details Root sweet home: signaling in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis... 2011
Details Artificial selection of Termitomyces fungi by termites.... 2011
Details Microbial Interactions in a Phytopathogenic Bacterial-Fungal Symbiosis. ... 2011
Details Evolutionary origins of endophytic fungi. ... 2011
Details The developmental determinacy and reprogramming of Sclerotinia sclerotioru... 2011
Details Nuclear anarchy in multinucleate Ashbya gossypii cells. ... 2011
Details Connections between cell cycle, morphogenesis and pathogenicity in fungi: t... 2011
Details Longstanding evolutionary puzzles: Fungi as holders of the missing pieces. ... 2011
Details Mapping regulatory pathways using yeast functional genomics. ... 2011
Details How oomycete and fungal effectors enter plant and animal cells. ... 2011
Details Regulatory Networks Governing Global Responses to Changes in Light and Time... 2011
Details Regulation of the compartmentalization of secondary metabolite biosynthesis... 2011
Details Merrill Hall Lascer capture microdissection, RNA-seq, and mutant genome seq... 2011
Details Identification and potential function of natural antisense transcripts in t... 2011
Details A method for accurate prediction of the size of secondary metabolite cluste... 2011
Details Arboretum: Thinking about trees to cluster expression across species. ... 2011
Details The genome sequence for Eremothecium cymbalariae establishes a link betwe... 2011

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