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Details from Sordariomycetes?... 2007
Details 9. Cloning of the eln1 gene essential for stipe elongation of Coprinus c... 2007
Details 10. A Rho1 Homologue From Ustilago maydis , Uro1, is Required for Normal C... 2007
Details Functional topology of the growing hyphal tip. ... 2007
Details Cell biology of the mode of action on Neurospora crassa of an antifungal ... 2007
Details Cell Biology of Biotrophic Blast Invasion by the Rice Blast Fungus Magnapo... 2007
Details Identification of transcription factor regulated by OS-2 MAP kinase in Neu... 2007
Details dependent manner... 2007
Details A single amino acid determines GAP-specificity of duplicated Rho-GTPases in... 2007
Details Mitochondrial transport in Neurospora crassa by the motor proteins NKIN2 ... 2007
Details Neurospora crassa... 2007
Details The Phycomyces blakesleeanus madB gene is a member of the White Collar 2 ... 2007
Details The role of the exocyst in growth and morphogenesis of Neurospora crassa ... 2007
Details Spatially segregated SNARE protein interactions in filamentous fungus.... 2007
Details A RasGAP protein involved in polarity establishment and maintenance in ... 2007
Details Optical tweezer micromanipulation of living fungal cells.... 2007
Details Organelle organization and behavior during CAT fusion and heterokaryon form... 2007
Details Survey of mating-type (MAT) gene distribution in the Penicillia.... 2007
Details Watching crystal balls: Asexual life-cycles and morphology of cultured meso... 2007
Details Evolutionary Aspects of the Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Claviceps sp.... 2007

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