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Details Biochemical characterization of a mitochondrial nicotinamide adenine dinucl... 2015
Details The proteinogenic and non proteinogenic function of histidine in Aspergillu... 2015
Details Commonalities and partial redundancy of two LaeA- and BrlA-regulated conidi... 2015
Details Multiple phosphatases regulate carbon source dependent germination and prim... 2015
Details Lactose transport in Aspergillus nidulans: Identification and expression of... 2015
Details Aspergillus nidulans as cell factory for production of mycophenolic acid... 2015
Details Promiscuity runs in the family - Analysis of nidulanins... 2015
Details A biocombinatorial engineering approach for production of novel synthetic n... 2015
Details G protein-coupled receptor mediates nutrient sensing and developmental cont... 2015
Details Exploring the potential of Aspergillus niger as secondary metabolite produc... 2015
Details Development of a community consensus model for Aspergillus niger... 2015
Details Heterologous Expression of Cellulases in Aspergillus niger... 2015
Details Investigating torrubiellone A gene cluster from Torrubiella sp... 2015
Details Phenotype analysis of Rice koji protein genes disruptants in Aspergillus or... 2015
Details Involvement of C7-C8 loop of Aspergillus oryzae hydrophobin RolA in interac... 2015
Details Functional analysis of intracellular metalloproteases, saccharolysin orthol... 2015
Details Plant biomass degrading potential of a new Penicillium species, Penicillium... 2015
Details Heterologous expression of feruloyl esterases of Aspergillus clavatus and A... 2015
Details Debaryomyces hansenii killer toxin against Candida species... 2015
Details Force-Sensing Amyloids in Yeast Adhesins Mediate Adhesion and Biofilm Forma... 2015

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