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Details Heme regulation in Aspergillus fumigatus... 2013
Details Key Steps in the Biosynthesis of the Fungal Virulence Factor Gliotoxin... 2013
Details A fasciclin-like protein in Aspergillus fumigatus... 2013
Details Characterization of fumiquinazoline biosynthesis in Aspergillus fumigatus... 2013
Details Identification of local and cross-chromosomal biosynthetic gene clusters in... 2013
Details N-glycan profiling of Aspergillus nidulans using solid-phase glycan extract... 2013
Details Targeting of AcvA to peroxisomes increases penicillin production in Aspergi... 2013
Details Characterization of the 3-methyl orsellinic acid gene cluster in Aspergillu... 2013
Details Induction of sclerotia and Aspergillus section Nigri... 2013
Details Analyzing the impact of compartmentalization on organic acid production in ... 2013
Details Subcellular localization of aphidicolin biosynthesis enzymes from Phoma bet... 2013
Details Improved Properties of Thermostable Cellobiohydrolase in a Treatment of Cel... 2013
Details Evolutionary rewiring of ubiquitination targets in Candida albicans promote... 2013
Details Can-Hsp31 is important for Candida albicans growth and survival... 2013
Details Influence of N-glycans on a-/b-(1,3)-glucanase and a-(1,4)-amylase from Par... 2013
Details Cell wall structure and biosynthesis in oomycetes and true fungi: a compara... 2013
Details Investigating the function of a putative chitin synthase from Phytophthora ... 2013
Details Deciphering cell wall structure and biosynthesis in oomycetes using carbohy... 2013
Details Identification and characterization of the chitin synthase genes in the fis... 2013
Details Blue light induce Cordyceps militaris fruiting body formation and cordycepi... 2013

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