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Details An in vivo transcriptome for the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium robert... 2011
Details 2 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, Norman,... 2011
Details Mapping the Hsp90 Chaperone Network in Candida albicans Reveals Environment... 2011
Details The genome sequence for Eremothecium cymbalariae establishes a link between... 2011
Details Comparative Genomics Suggests the Presence of RNA Interference in Oomycetes... 2011
Details Utilizing functional genomics in Neurospora crassa to identify cell wall ge... 2011
Details Characterization of Class II DNA Transposons in Coprinopsis cinerea... 2011
Details Mating-type loci in the homothallic Ascomycete Eupenicillium crustaceum... 2011
Details Mycotoxin gene expression in response to temperature in Aspergillus flavus... 2011
Details Evolutionary genomic analysis of fungal Cytochrome P450 proteins with Funga... 2011
Details Identification of new nonself recognition loci in Neurospora crassa... 2011
Details Mitotic chromosomes and karyotype of Colletotrichum orbiculare... 2011
Details Re-sequencing of Verticillium dahliae isolates reveals high genome plastici... 2011
Details Antimicrobial activity and polyketide synthase gene cloning of the stone fr... 2011
Details Transcriptome profiles of Fusarium graminearum during infection of wheat, b... 2011
Details Correlating fungal growth and biotope to genome content using the FUNG-GROW... 2011
Details Systematic deletion analysis of Aspergillus nidulans kinase genes... 2011
Details A method for accurate prediction of the size of secondary metabolite cluste... 2011
Details Whole-genome duplication in Mucoromycotina? A... 2011
Details Control and distribution of chromatin domains in Neurospora crassa... 2011

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