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Details Association between hepatitis C virus infection and occurrence and severity... 2017
Details Assessment of ventricular function after permanent pacing: tissue Doppler e... 2017
Details Apolipoprotein B/a-I ratio in diabetic patients with acute coronary syndrom... 2017
Details Diagnostic value of vena contracta area in the quantification of mitral reg... 2017
Details Napkin-ring sign on coronary computed tomography angiography for prediction... 2017
Details Role of multi-slice computed tomography angio in diagnosis of actue coronar... 2017
Details Does mitral valve commissural calcification predicts restenosis at long-ter... 2017
Details Relation between acute hyperglycaemia and contrast-induced nephropathy in p... 2017
Details Prevalence of severe pulmonary hypertension in 531 consecutive patients wit... 2017
Details Do we need to stent coarctation of the aorta: 22 years of follow-up results... 2017
Details Neurohumoral activation in sleep apnoea among heart failure patients... 2017