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Details Breast cancer blood-derived exosomes: Characterisation of protein compositi... 2016
Details Novel cKIT kinase inhibitor, BPRCKJ001, as an advanced therapeutic candidat... 2016
Details Anti-VEGF and integrin-linked kinase knockdown inhibit angiogenesis in vitr... 2016
Details IGF-IR, but not EGFR, regulates DNA damage response in HeLa cells following... 2016
Details Targeted degradation of anaplastic lymphoma kinase by target degraducer in ... 2016
Details Quinazoline clubbed s-triazine derivatives as VEGFR2 kinase inhibitor: Desi... 2016
Details Selenium-enriched polysacchride green tea extract alters the early stage he... 2016
Details Cdk4/6 inhibitor activity in metastatic bladder cancer cell lines is indepe... 2016
Details Anti-tumor effects mediated by the activation of natural cytotoxicity recep... 2016
Details Efficacy of tumor treating field therapy alone and in combination with doxo... 2016
Details Hypomagnesaemia in the context of cetuximab/panitumumab and proton pump inh... 2016
Details Individualized breast cancer therapy using Mcl-1 inhibition based combinati... 2016
Details Targeting unfolded protein response sensitizes urothelial carcinoma cells t... 2016
Details Adipose tissue-derived stem cells provide an advantageous tumor microenviro... 2016
Details Adipose tissue vascular promotes tumor growth rate and metastasis... 2016
Details Inhibition of invasion and migration by n-3 fatty acids in PC3 cells... 2016
Details Ethanol extract of Lophatheri Herba exhibits in vitro and in vivo anti-meta... 2016
Details TC-1 is required for TBC1D3-induced Wnt/beta-catenin accumulation and cell ... 2016
Details Curcumin oleoresin inhibits cell growth and migratory properties of breast ... 2016
Details Verification of mechanism that CSC markers are implicated in poor prognosis... 2016

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