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Details How to bridge phylogenetics and epidemiology: visualization of metadata on... 2016
Details Open data maximizing the societal value of research... 2016
Details The R Epidemics Consortium: building the next generation of statistical to... 2016
Details Facing the complexity of infectious disease spread... 2016
Details Experiences and challenges in monitoring migrant health in migration centr... 2016
Details Forced migration and meeting health needs: the needs for better data... 2016
Details Public private partnerships for evaluation research: pure pragmatism and i... 2016
Details The Needs and Roles of the Public and Private Sector in Delivering Effecti... 2016
Details Challenges to achieve optimal immunisation programmes... 2016
Details What we know about Zika epidemiology, dynamics and future risks... 2016
Details Zika risk assessment for the WHO European Region What have we learned for... 2016
Details Sexual transmission of Zika virus... 2016
Details O1.2 Using Whole Genome Sequencing as a tool for MRSA national surveillan... 2016
Details O1.1 Spread of mupirocin-resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus a... 2016
Details O1.4 Reconstructing transmission of extended-spectrum -lactamase-producin... 2016
Details O1.3 The emergence and spread of moxifloxacin- resistant Clostridium diffi... 2016
Details O2.2 Syndromic surveillance for early detection of infectious disease out... 2016
Details O2.1 Assessing the status of the International Health Regulations (2005) ... 2016
Details O2.4 High proportion of asylum seekers consent to vaccinations after coun... 2016
Details O2.3 A review on the effects of Mass Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination... 2016

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