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Details A large outbreak of Salmonella Agona PT40 and other GI pathogens associate... 2013
Details High attack rate of gastrointestinal illness among 1100 swimmers in an ope... 2013
Details Large multi-pathogen gastroenteritis outbreak caused by drinking water fro... 2013
Details Characteristics of waterborne outbreaks notified in four Nordic countries,... 2013
Details Incidence and factors predicting Bordetella parapertussis diagnosis among ... 2013
Details Collaborative development of criteria to consider when declaring the end o... 2013
Details The changing epidemiology of pertussis: was there an incidence increase in... 2013
Details Importation of tuberculosis from outside the European Union and European E... 2013
Details Evaluation of Malaria surveillance system in Oyo State, Southwestern Niger... 2013
Details Identifying recently acquired HIV infections among newly diagnosed men who... 2013
Details Predictors of First line Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART) Failure among HIV i... 2013
Details Hospital-Acquired Influenza Infections in Germany, Based On Notification D... 2013
Details What about meticillin sensitive S. aureus? A national epidemiological inve... 2013
Details High morbidity and mortality among patients with KPC-2 K. pneumoniae durin... 2013
Details Decreased hospitalisations due to pneumococcal pneumonia in children in tw... 2013
Details Monitoring antibiotic consumption in hospitals: results from the French na... 2013
Details Hospital visit as a risk factor for measles transmission: Sanlurfa Provinc... 2013
Details Impact of different vaccination strategies on the age- specific incidence o... 2013
Details Lack of vaccination for hepatitis A among European travel-related cases to... 2013
Details Measles cases in Germany 2007-11 a comparison of outpatient health insura... 2013

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