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Details Challenges in controlling norovirus transmission in semi-closed population... 2017
Details Strengthening local and regional infectious disease control in South-Nethe... 2017
Details Food-borne norovirus in a national chain of Mexican-themed restaurants in ... 2017
Details A norovirus outbreak following a dinner party among healthcare workers (HC... 2017
Details Its not Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Its Bacillus anthracis! an Outbreak I... 2017
Details Incidence and risk factors of Blastocystis infection in a rural community,... 2017
Details Evaluation of the Italian integrated measles and rubella surveillance syst... 2017
Details Estimation of the size of a norovirus outbreak in restaurant customers usi... 2017
Details Laboratory-based Evaluation of the Acute Flaccid Paralysis Surveillance Sy... 2017
Details Underestimation of measles vaccine uptake in 10-16 year olds after the 201... 2017
Details International external quality assurance for laboratory identification and... 2017
Details Laboratory-based Surveillance System evaluation for Measles, Oyo State, so... 2017
Details Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from invasive samples at tertiary care ce... 2017
Details Integration of molecular parameters in the study of the epidemiology of me... 2017
Details Identification and Distribution of Pathogens in a Major Tertiary Hospital ... 2017
Details Influence of antibiotic consumption on the antibiotic sensitivity of pneum... 2017
Details Late breaker: Species characterization and anti- microbial sensitivity prof... 2017
Details The German statutory surveillance system for invasive Methicillin-resistan... 2017
Details Enterovirus D68 and A71 recognized by the Acute Flaccid Paralyses (AFP) Su... 2017
Details Validation of a two-tier diagnostic testing for Francisella tularensis ssp... 2017

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