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Details Mammalian circadian clock and metabolism: The epigenetic link... 2015
Details Modulation of inflammation and metabolism by dietary fatty acids... 2015
Details Molecular mechanisms linking inflammation and adipocyte de novo lipogenesi... 2015
Details It is a Parental Responsibility... 2015
Details Obesity: A societal responsibility... 2015
Details Ecological Public Health: A new approach to 21st century public health dil... 2015
Details Long term outcomes of bariatric and metabolic surgery. What can bariatric... 2015
Details Ectopic fat and organ steatosis... 2015
Details Novel myokines... 2015
Details Beyond intestinal soap role of bile acids in control of adipose tissue fu... 2015
Details Developing theory- and evidence-based interventions. Logic modelling for ... 2015
Details What behaviour changetechniques and theory work best for population-based ... 2015
Details Public acceptability in the UK and USA of nudging to reduce obesity: The e... 2015
Details TV Junkie or PC Freak? Associations of screen-time with eating and drinki... 2015
Details Screening and intervening early for healthy growth: Interventions in high ... 2015
Details The World Health Organizations global target for ending the increase in ch... 2015
Details The Early Prevention of Obesity in Children (EPOCH) Collaboration results... 2015
Details The role of early nutrition in programming of the adult body composition ... 2015
Details Novel mechanisms of metabolic improvements after bariatric surgery... 2015
Details Targeted therapy in obesity... 2015

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