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Details The role of our microbiomic genome in cardiometabolic health... 2014
Details Personalised nutrition: Nutrigenomics in practice... 2014
Details What can we learn from hypothalamic obesity?... 2014
Details Social disparities in obesity and the economic crisis... 2014
Details Cross-talks between gut microbes and host cells controls energy homeostasi... 2014
Details Adipose tissue oxygen tension in obesity: The gateway to chronic diseases?... 2014
Details Protein, carbs and fats in personalized weight control efficacy, effectiv... 2014
Details Nonalcoholic-fatty liver disease: from genotype to phenotype ... 2014
Details Gut microbiota, insulin sensitivity and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis ... 2014
Details Hormonal and Lipid Sensing in Astrocytes are Required for Systemic Energy ... 2014
Details Human adipose tissue macrophages are skewed in an anti-inflammatory direct... 2014
Details Neuropilin-1 is a co receptor of the leptin receptor OBRb and forms a new ... 2014
Details To eat or not to eat: Decision making under stress... 2014
Details Ghrelin and food reward... 2014
Details Childrens stress influences their diet and adiposity: Role of cortisol and... 2014
Details Fasting Leptin is a Determinant of Food Reward in Overweight and Obese Ind... 2014
Details Bariatric Surgery: To whom and when and the aftermath?... 2014
Details Current Status of Nutrition and Health Claims in Europe... 2014
Details Aspects of food supplements legislation in Europe ... 2014
Details Uncovering the (pre)adipocyte secretome ... 2014

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