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Details Primary prevention of childhood obesity within child health services: The ... 2016
Details Determnaton of Relatonshp Between Medterranean Det Score Wth Body Composto... 2016
Details Endothelial dysfunction and Obesity... 2016
Details QT-interval shortening after bariatric surgery depends on the applied hear... 2016
Details Parental Perception of Child Weight Status and Weight Gain across Childhoo... 2016
Details Orthorexia Risk Were Higher In Female With Lower Body Mass Index... 2016
Details Exploring the feasibility and implementation of workplace dietary interven... 2016
Details Epidemiological evaluation of the cause of obesity in women who referred t... 2016
Details Accuracy of weights and heights, self-reported on-line by young adults... 2016
Details Dietary variability and its relationship to the development of obesity... 2016
Details Sugar-sweetened beverages and metabolic syndrome in obese children... 2016
Details Postoperative pain after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: Comparison betwe... 2016
Details Fatty acids intakes are associated with higher apelin gene expression in v... 2016
Details Is Healthy Eating Index Related With Waist Circumference In Adults?... 2016
Details Lean-seafood intake reduces cardiovascular lipid risk factors in healthy s... 2016
Details Implementation of the Spanish National Enhanced Recovery Programme (ERAS) ... 2016
Details Mitochondrial oxidative pathways are downregulated in adipocytes in obesit... 2016
Details Beyond combination of other healthy lifestyle factors: Dietary pattern is ... 2016
Details Relationship between Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and physica... 2016
Details Health-related quality of life, sexuality and hormone status after bariatr... 2016

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