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Details Palliative Care: Complexity, Economics and Health Policy Complexity and Cos... 2017
Details Development of a Care Guide for the Palliative Trajectory ... 2017
Details Urological Tumors along Three Years Attended by a Palliative Care Support ... 2017
Details 2016 Palliative Care Inpatient Admissions Re-audit: Are the out of Hours D... 2017
Details Developing a Tool for Early Detection of Palliative Care Patients in Belgiu... 2017
Details Palliative Care: Complexity, Economics and Health Policy Measuring Palliati... 2017
Details A Simple Intervention Can Go a Long Way: Improving the Quality of Junior Do... 2017
Details Whats in a Name? Early Review of the Impact of Name Change on Palliative Ca... 2017
Details Changing Roles of Palliative Care Units in Japan ... 2017
Details Geriatric Palliative Care: Reflections on an Emerging Field ... 2017
Details Palliative Care: Complexity, Economics and Health Policy Health Policy Refo... 2017
Details Palliative Indicators in a University Hospital A Cross-sectional Prevalenc... 2017
Details Prevalence of Venous Thromboembolism and Use of Low Molecular Weight Hepari... 2017
Details Palliative Care Consultation Form (PCCF) at our Comprehensive Cancer Centre... 2017
Details Dementia and Advance Care Planning: Whose Decision? ... 2017
Details Research with Volunteers in Poland: Understanding Outcomes from the Perspec... 2017
Details Improving the Quality of Documentation for Patients thought Likely to Be D... 2017
Details Comfort-supporting Care for the EOL Patient in an Institutionalised Enviro... 2017
Details The Development in International Recommendations of Nursing Care in the Ca... 2017
Details Being a Companion at a Natural Pathway towards Death ... 2017

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