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Details P11050 Bilateral extra cranial internal carotid artery dissection with hae... 2016
Details P12033 Headache associated with acute stroke is less frequent in patients ... 2016
Details P21112 The interplay of communicative and cognitive impairment in multiple... 2016
Details P22098 Effect of cladribine tablets on brain atrophy rates in patients wit... 2016
Details P31144 Improvements in patient-reported treatment satisfaction with terifl... 2016
Details P32129 Objective olfactory testing and self- assessment of olfactory functi... 2016
Details P11051 Dynamical changes of haematological parameters in ischemic stroke p... 2016
Details P12034 Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome (RPLS) associated... 2016
Details P21113 Growth Hormone/IGF-I function in CIS patients is not associated MS ... 2016
Details P22099 Treatment-Nave patients with active relapsing-remitting multiple sc... 2016
Details P31145 CONFIDENCE: Phase IV study to evaluate medication satisfaction with... 2016
Details P32130 Abstract cancelled P32131 Prospective study of disease progression ... 2016
Details P11052 Did anything change in prevention of stroke in patients with atrial... 2016
Details P12035 Abstract cancelled P12036 Risk factors for ischemic stroke: about 4... 2016
Details P21114 Comparative effectiveness using a matching-adjusted indirect compar... 2016
Details P22100 Pregnancy-related estrogen receptor- alpha expression in lymphocyte ... 2016
Details P31146 Reversibility of Natalizumab effects on peripheral immune cell dyna... 2016
Details P32132 Coping styles as predictors of long-term employment in multiple scl... 2016
Details P11053 Internal carotid artery pseudo-occlusion in acute stroke patients... 2016
Details P12037 Risk factors for stroke-related pain and its variants in acute peri... 2016

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